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Panther Spotlight

Last week was awesome! After 6 weeks of lessons with the in-house attorneys from Fox Studios, we were greeted warmly.
They provided us with a great breakfast and lunch and then it was down to business. Students participated in mock negotiations, a
mock trial for copyright infringement and finally an employment law scenario in which they interviewed each person concerned. After
that students were treated to a career fair in which attorneys discussed the various aspects of law and the required education. Other
staffers spoke of various career paths from records, accounting, IT and international security. Students were then escorted around the
Fox lot and actually went into the sound stages of Fox Sports, the television set for the show "Bones" and the best sound stage in the
world. Students dressed in corporate attire and really represented the school well. Their arguments were articulate and well planned and
everyone was respectful. Many students expressed interest in the legal profession and the possibility of internships which I will follow up.

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Fox Studios Field Trip Mock Negotiations.JPG

Fox Studios Field Trip Steet Law 2.JPG

Fox Studios Field Trip Steet Law.JPG
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Quote of the Week
"Go out there and find that one child, that new kid, who just moved to town, standing over there by himself, be his friend, smile, be willing to help him out when he's pushed down, be willing to stand up for him. If we all do it together, we will change the world. It starts right here, right now." -Kirk Smalley, father of an 11-year old bullying victim who took his life after a two-year battle with bullying.
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